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About Us

My name is Janice and I'd like to welcome you to DazzleMeCatz.

DazzleMeCatz is a very small cattery. Our litters of kittens are limited since our cats are first and foremost our pets.  They live in our home with our family. 

We also have three dogs ranging in size from an Irish Wolfhound to a Jack Russel Terrier. As you can see our kittens grow up well adjusted to dogs.

We are located in the North Central part of Washington in an area known as Sleepy Hollow.  We overlook the confluence of the Wenatchee and the Columbia rivers.

We live on several acres and also grow table grapes.  Our vineyard is known as Cat's Hollow. We feel fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the country.

While I am the one whose passion led me to breeding Devon Rex, the whole family participates in raising and caring for the kitties. 

Our Goals

Our goals are to have healthy, fun, well socialized, and beautiful kittens.  We continually strive to breed to the CFA standard. Our cattery is both CFA and TICA registered.

I believe that cats should be a member of the family, and with that in mind, I love a busy, playful cat that is an active participant in its human family's lifestyle. 

It is that aspect which drew me to the Devon Rex cat in the first place. Devon Rex, to put it rather simply, make me laugh!!!! 

Also, the fact that Devon’s have less hair than the average feline makes them acceptable to my son who has a cat allergy.  To say a Devon is hypoallergenic is not exactly true - but they often seem to be tolerated better by people who have allergies.

About Devon Rex

The Devon personality has been aptly described as a cross between a cat, a monkey, and "Dennis the Menace."

Devons are highly active, playful and involved with everything. Powerful jumpers, very few spots large enough to hold them will not be explored and occupied. Devons have been found climbing brick fireplaces and perching on top of doors.

Although little escapes a Devon's interest, Devons are very people-oriented. Most Devons invite themselves along for every activity -- preferably perched on a shoulder, lap, or wherever they can be closest to their people.

They are accomplished food mooches, with "anything they aren't supposed to be into" only slightly less appealing than "anything you are eating." Many a bag of snack food left unattended for an eye blink has suddenly sprouted two legs and a tail, with a Devon contentedly grazing inside.

Devons are low maintenance, wash-and-wear companions. Their large ears occasionally require cleaning, but otherwise a quick shampoo and towel dry (or even a wipe down with a damp cloth) and a nail-trim is all the grooming most Devons require. Despite popular myth, Devons do shed (as does anything with hair), although their unique coat may make the shed hair less obtrusive than that of many cats.

While Devons have also gained a reputation as being "hypo-allergenic," this varies according to an individual's personal allergies. While some people with animal allergies tolerate Devons very well, someone else may not. Anyone with allergy issues should arrange to handle a Devon before considering acquiring one.

About A Cat Named Boy

Obviously Boy is not a Devon.  He is an Egyptian Mau. 

We have had Boy for 12 years. We purchased him in  Germany while my husband was stationed at Landstuhl Army Medical Center

Boy is a wonderful cat and a fantastic companion.  He is extremely special.  I have always felt that he can “read” my moods and knows exactly what kind of comfort to give. 

He also is a great “Mother” to our little kitties. He loves them and they all love him back.  He has no problem with cleaning out ears!!!!  And with having Devons you definitely need assistance with ear cleaning!!!

Sadly, Boy passed away from cancer August 8, 2006.
He will be greatly missed.



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